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Springhill, Oxford, Amherst and Region (SOAR) Community Health Board   Springhill, Oxford, Amherst and Region Community Health Board

Area Served
The SOAR Community Health Board comprises all areas in and around the communities of Springhill, Oxford, Amherst, River Hebert, Joggins, Tidnish, and Collingwood.

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Alexandra Theroux, Chair
Linda Cloney, Vice Chair
Dayle Wilson
Sherri Hawkes
Cecilia Waalderbos
Andrew Melanson
Hailie Harrison
Janice Melanson

Meeting Dates and Times
Third Thursday of the month from September to June 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Community Engagement and Education
The SOAR CHB believes that education and community partnerships are important to community development.

Education and Information Sessions
The SOAR CHB helps facilitate a variety of education sessions each year. Although they value board development and community education sessions, their focus is often on capacity building among community partners. In 2011 they hosted sessions on Suicide Prevention, Community Engagement, and an oral health information exchange. They also support education around diabetes and anti-bullying.

Oral Health Information Exchange
In February 2012, the SOAR CHB hosted an Oral Health Information Exchange in Amherst. They invited all of the Oral Health Professionals from the county and some other community Partners to discuss barriers to dental care. Specifically, the goal was to try to uncover ways to increase the utilization rates of children who are covered by MSI. Jennifer Poulos, the Cumberland Public Health Hygienist, led the session and community partners helped facilitate smaller conversations around some of the barriers such as, transportation, finances and fear.

As a group it was decided that we had to do a better job of making people aware of the coverage that existed under MSI and what may be an extra cost. The Just Ask program was developed.

Coping Kits for Prenatal and New Moms
Every year during National Non- Smoking Week, the SOAR CHB puts together packages to be distributed to pregnant women and new mothers. The contents of the packs varies each year but they always include information on smoking cessation along with a list of resources, something to help with stress relief like a stress ball, and gum.

Water Cards
Susan MacDonald, a past member of the SOAR CHB, developed a water card and hoped to spread the word about the importance of drinking water. In honor of Susan, the board had thousands of the cards printed and distributed with the oral health packages and several other information sessions around the county.

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