Dartmouth General Hospital - Redevelopment Service Impacts (Updated November 8, 2018)

DGH Renovations.jpg

Renovations at Dartmouth General Hospital are impacting the locations of some services.  Check back here for updates on the impact of the renovations.

Parking and Access changes

  • On Dec. 10, Dartmouth General Hospital's new front entrance (facing Acadia St.) opens and the old entrance (facing Pleasant St.) will be closed. A new drop-off area and road will lead to the new entrance.
    *Entry to the Emergency Department has NOT changed.
  • On Dec. 10, and for a period of four months, the entrance to the Internal Medicine clinics (pacemaker, cardiology) will be temporarily be a side-door next to the new main entrance.
  • Starting Tuesday, Sept. 11 construction will begin on the patient parking lot at DGH. You may notice some disruption, distraction and heavy machinery on-site. We encourage you to use extra caution when arriving for appointments or to visit family/friends.
  • The work on the parking lot, once complete in late 2019, will add an additional 100 parking spots and build a new patient drop-off loop directly to a new, covered front entrance.

• The DGH Foundation offices have moved to 277 Pleasant St., Suite 105
• The Diabetes Management Centre has moved to 277 Pleasant St., Suite 105
• The Nutrition Education Clinic has also moved to 277 Pleasant St., Suite 105

Room changes
• Social Work, is now in room 1512
• Palliative Care is now in room 1512
• The Information Desk is now in room 2508
• DGH Foundation parking office, now in room 2200
• Chapel, now in room 2008
• Gift Shop, now in room 1005
• Patient Representative (Patient Relations) is now in room 1511

You can learn more about the QEII redevelopment project here.

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